• Doha Art Map

    Project Space: Doha Art Map

    A collaborative mapping experiment on creativity in Doha

The ongoing Doha Art Map is a collaborative exploration of art and creativity in the city of Doha. As public citizens we take responsibility for our engagement with each other and the world. Doha Art Map is an experimental resource to share perceptions of existing systems that support creativity and artistic production.

The continuously active platform invites the museum’s public, artistic community, and online audiences to consider fundamental questions around art in Doha. Through a program including mapping experiments, talks, and tours, it asks us to consider: what is art, and where do we make, see, and experience creativity? How is the city a resource for creative production - from cultural heritage, to stores for art materials, to meeting places for the exchange of ideas?

Initiated in 2014, Museum visitors were invited to participate in the mapping of places of creativity in Doha on a physical map in Mathaf’s Project Space. Twitter, instagram, and facebook allowed for map locations to be shared remotely. Now published online as a public resource, this map cumulatively narrates the layered creative context of Doha that includes exhibition spaces, art schools, public art installations, artist studios, and historical sites, among others.

The project allows us to work as an expanded community to understand the creative synergy of the city and explore what and how we can enrich the cultural landscape to develop artistic production, learning, and criticality.

Doha Art Map was conceived during a curatorial workshop on the subject of critical practice, led collaboratively by curators and educators locally based and working at Mathaf and Qatar Museums that took place at the Museum in summer 2014.