25th February – 13th May 2018

Hana Al Saadi (b.1989, Doha) works in sculpture to investigate the relationship between the individual and collective, personhood and society, focusing on the politics and stereotypes of gender roles.

For Project Space 11, Al Saadi is invited to the Museum to explore experimental processes of research, production, and conceptual thinking to develop a proposal for a public sculpture in Doha. This artist led project gives Al Saadi the space and time to widen current intellectual threads of research on tendencies of self-expression and social rituals, as well as the role of public art in Doha.

As a place for exploration, discussion, and making, Proposal for a Public Sculpture takes the shape of the artist's studio; a library of working documents, books, and recorded interviews; a place for the display of working drawings and sculpture maquettes; and a meeting point for knowledge exchange and debate. This takes place in dialogue with the Museum teams, the public, creative and spatial practitioners, and academics in the humanities and social sciences, through a program of open forum discussions.

In this project Al Saadi’s research methodologies and processes can become as elastic as the subjects they contain, widening the artist’s conceptual thinking and production, as well as opening a public space for debate, encounters, and curatorial experimentation around art as part of daily life.