The annual Mathaf Student Art Competition and Exhibition (SAC&E) is an original Mathaf education program that advocates for art education and creativity. SAC&E celebrates the creativity of students ages 5 -18 and encourages students, teachers and parents to explore modern and contemporary art through Mathaf’s collection and artist mentorship. 

Mathaf is holding its fourth annual competition open to all schools in Qatar, who are invited to submit artworks created by students who are asked to respond to this year’s competition question “what is your imagined future city?” to be considered for an exhibition opening in June 2017 at the museum.

We are excited to introduce further enrichment to the program this year by collaborating with artist mentor, Rima Kaddissi, to offer further guidance and expertise on the creative process for art teachers and students equally. This is part of our museum mission to connect the historical narratives, knowledge of the museum collection and to our advocacy for art education, creative learning, and ways of looking and appreciating art. 



Inspired by the museum’s collection, we are exploring the idea of lights and urban lights, in art stories. This year we are in the “city” with the title of “Urban Lights”. We are asking students to think of their surroundings and the city they consider home. The idea of light opens to lights as a literal element and also as an idea connected to progress and discovery. 

Under the working question “what is your imagined future city?” students can rethink their hometown, favorite city, or even an imagined virtual one. The potential that can hold ‘Your City’, in the midst of the rapid advancement of technology and structure, is unlimited.  

Thinking & Guiding questions:

  • How do you see your city? 
  • What does your city mean to you? 
  • How does your city represent you? 
  • How do you react to the rapid changes in your city?
  • What makes ‘Your City’ home?

These questions will allow fragments and unexpected combinations to shape themselves and intersect in an amalgam of colors and different motives, constructing a place that can be imagined, completed, reconstructed, reproduced or recreated, through multi-disciplinary artistic interventions. 



The creative process is an essential part of the program. Artist Rima Kaddissi will be leading one-on-one sessions with the art teachers and students from the participating schools, guiding their students into creating a collective artwork conceived and executed in their schools until the day of the exhibition in the Education Space (Manara) at Mathaf.

The project holds a conceivable innovative aim, where each school can build its ‘Own City’, made out of each of its students’ own way and input, while preserving the nature of the wider identity giving the shape of the proposed ‘city’.

Students are encouraged to challenge their potential and push the limit of their experimentation into exploring new and unexpected tools and materials. The possibilities contained in the theme are numerous and would lead the students to recreate in the imagination of each one a rich work, whether at the emotional or intellectual level. They will be guided into a multi-disciplinary approach, be it public art, large-scale installation, light sculptures, videos, sound art, etc.



  • The competition is open to students ages 5-18 in all schools in Qatar
  • Each school will submit one collective artwork, selected by the museum based on the Project Proposal
  • Each school must submit a Project Proposal of the collective/group work 



  • Each school should identify an art teacher who will be working with the students at school on developing and delivering a collective work, in collaboration with the Mathaf Team.
  • Teachers and students must visit Mathaf to experience artworks in person, and be inspired by artworks related to the theme. To book your guided visit, click here



  • Each art teacher will select a number of students interested in participating
  • Each school must submit a project proposal that best represents the theme to be reviewed by the Mathaf team
  • Only 20 project proposals will be selected for this year’s exhibition
  • Email us to receive a copy of the Project Proposal, or download it directly.



  • Students of all grades will work on creating one collaborative artwork for the exhibition
  • All schools must work with the Mathaf team and artist in creating the artwork
  • The project proposal will determine the school’s eligibility to participate
  • Mathaf team and artist will select 20 projects based on the submitted proposal
  • Artworks will be displayed at Mathaf in June 2017.



Rima Kaddissi has spent more than 15 years experimenting as an artist and an artist consultant with new tools and materials and researching the thinking process of pioneers in their fields, be it in the art and outside the art, with a special focus on the cross-disciplinary exploration between Art and Technology, and she will be sharing her methods with the participating teachers and students what she has implemented in various art spaces and academic institutions, for artists and non-artists from different age groups. Kaddissi will work the art teachers, then follow-up with school visits to meet with the students to assist in their collective creative process.



March 30: Deadline for Project Proposals and selection

April 2 – June 1: One-on-one sessions with the Art Teachers and students 

June 4 – June9: Artworks installation at Mathaf



Visit Mathaf and ask to speak to a Mathaf Educator

Questions? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can browse the Mathaf website to find highlights from the three previous Mathaf Student Art Exhibitions, Transform, Black and White, and Looking in…


Mathaf is located in Education City, Qatar Foundation. See map for direction


Everyone is invited to participate

Good luck!