Mathaf Talk with Rima Kaddissi:

Low-Tech art in High-Tech age

Cancelled until further notice

Join artist Rima Kaddissi as she presents her low-tech artistic practice in the midst of the current technological disruption. The artist will take us on a journey through a series of experiments she underwent in a face-a-face endeavor with the Computer.
The talk explores interdisciplinary relationships between art, science and technology. How could emerging technologies assist the creative process? How do we aspire to expand the human experience with the rise of the virtual realm as a possible new medium and platform?
Kaddissi will question our potential role, as those working in the creative sector, should we decide to step in and collaborate in writing the story of our future.

Rima Kaddissi was born in Lebanon in 1978. Ranging from performance to installation, video, and sound art, Kaddissi’s practice explores the impact of technology on the human body with its glitches and possible perfectness.
Since 2006, Kaddissi started developing the Artists’ Colab, the key structure of PACE, a cross-disciplinary Platform for Artistic Collaboration and Experimentation. Her research has been implemented in several academic and cultural institutions. She is currently teaching at ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts) in Beirut.

Mathaf Talk is a series of educational public interventions focused on research and knowledge production around the strategies and practices of modern and contemporary art. The program invites artists and art professionals and aims to engage both the academic and local community, in larger conversations around artistic practices in Qatar and around the world.