M F Husain: Horses of the Sun (Doha: Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art/ Milan: Silvana Editoriale, 2020).

Release of Mathaf Publication, M F Husain: Horses of the Sun, edited by Ranjit Hoskote  (Online)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2020 FROM 4:00 PM UNTIL 5:15 PM (DOHA TIME)  Register Here

The Mathaf publication, M F Husain: Horses of the Sun (2020) is the expanded publication of the exhibition, M. F. Husain: Horses of the Sun, presented at Mathaf in March 2019. Abdellah Karroum, Director of Mathaf, will introduce the evening and speak about the 2019 M F Husain exhibition, placing it in the context of Mathaf’s curatorial programme and vision. This will be followed by a talk by Ranjit Hoskote, curator of the exhibition and editor of the volume, on M F Husain, his art and its multiple contexts.

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