• Project Space 13: Doha Art Map

    Project Space 13: Doha Art Map

    Installation view of Project Space: Doha Art Map, 2014, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha

Project Space 13 builds on the existing and ongoing Doha Art Map, a project initiated by Mathaf in 2014 to explore spaces of art and creativity in the city of Doha. In 2019 the third iteration of the project continues this route of inquiry while actively engaging with public and private spaces of collecting, to debate the responsibility of collections, their preservation and presentation. As an experimental research platform, the Doha Art Map invites the Museum’s diverse audience and creative community to collectively survey the contemporary art scene in Doha, asking questions around the places of art production, collecting and display, to identify where original ways of working are taking place, and addressing how various public and private practices contribute to the shaping of the art ecosystem in Doha today.

The Doha Art Map is housed at the Mathaf Project Space and disseminated beyond the physical boundaries of the museum through an active program of studio visits, discussions, and interventions in the city, to examine local trends in contemporary art, and better understand and debate the spaces that nurture creativity.

The space will include various iterations of the Doha Art Map and invites the public to mark the spaces of art on the map, participating in a collaborative practice of exploration, research, debate, and intervention. The project will expand offsite for artist led tours and studio visits, as well as an art performance at Katara Art Center. Documentation of the project’s activities including photographs and films, are shared on the walls in Project Space as part of the research materials, as printed and projected images. Books and reference materials on the local and regional art activities are made available, creating a public resource on art in Doha within the museum.