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    Exhibitions at Mathaf

    World-class exhibitions of modern and contemporary art

Permanent Collection Exhibitions

The Museum’s Collection is permanently displayed in the first-floor galleries. The exhibition rotates artwork on view to share as much from the collection as possible. The presentation of key works looks beyond traditional linear histories of art to highlight diverse readings and narratives in the collection and contextualize intellectual production within multiple modernities.

Temporary Exhibitions

Mathaf temporary exhibitions present internationally acclaimed modern and contemporary artists. These exhibitions introduce artists whose work plays an important role in opening conversations on the social and political shifts in the history and contemporary life of Qatar, Middle East and Arab world, to investigate the way societies are structured, and interrogate the role art plays in our local and regional contexts. 

Kader Attia: On Silence - coming soon

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Project Space

The Project Space is dedicated to new tendencies in artistic production and emerging curatorial practices. Artists and Curators are invited to experiment with new ideas and forms in collaboration with Mathaf Curators and Education teams. Taking the museum as a site of knowledge production, these projects share new perspectives on art in relation to its contexts.