• Fateh al-Moudarres1

    Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense

    Title Unknown, 1967, Acrylic on paper.

  • Fateh al-Moudarres2

    Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense

    Assyrian, 1962, Mixed media on canvas.

  • Fateh al-Moudarres3

    Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense

    Title Unknown, 1962, Mixed media on canvas.

  • Fateh al-Moudarres4

    Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense

    Farewell to the Gods in Beirut, 1986, Mixed media on canvas.

  • Fateh al-Moudarres5

    Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense

    Angel Haroun, 1993, Mixed media on canvas.

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha

17 October 2018 – 16 February 2019 

Fateh al-Moudarres: Colour, Extensity and Sense presents a revisionist lens into the studio practice of the influential modernist Syrian artist.  Deliberately organized as a thematic slice, this exhibition examines al-Moudarres’s works within the context of his creative engagements with two disparate yet interconnected pathways: Surrealism and Sufism. Illuminating the value that resides within the absent, hidden or the unseen, al-Moudarres’s works can be read as a unique mixture of these two movements, in which he is viewed as a transcultural artist working within the context of global Surrealism, a truly international intellectual movement, which transcended the Occidental and Oriental worlds. 

On view are a selection of paintings from the late 1950s through to the 1990s that reveal a cross circulation of ideas and forms that seek to locate the origin of truth. Presenting a highly emotional artistic journey, al-Moudarres’s artworks employ an interlacing study that borrows from abstract, conceptual and philosophical thinking to create a rich illustration of both personal and sociopolitical histories. 

What emerges is a cross-circulation dialogue about the role of antiquity in modern Syria, the shift from the rural to the urban built environment, and wider regional events during the 1960s, a period of radical local and global political and social change. These historical moments and external influences are pivotal to the understanding of the intricate elements presented in al-Moudarres’s deeply sympathetic works, which in retrospective terms continue to resonate in light of the current and complex geopolitical realities of present day Syria.