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    University Students

    Unique opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge

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    Universities Students

    Unique opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge

We develop programmes in collaboration with local and international universities and colleges. Our proximity within Education City makes us accessible to Qatar Foundation staff and students.

University Guided Visits

This programme engages university students with our current exhibitions by discussing and analysing works on view in the galleries and making connections to academic subjects.

University Collaborations

We have partnerships with universities in Qatar to provide mutually beneficial opportunities to exchange knowledge and skills. We have recently collaborated on projects with faculty and students in the Architecture department at Qatar University, the Painting and Printmaking Department at VCU-Q, Museum and Gallery Studies and Conservation departments at UCL Qatar and the Communications department at Northwestern University in Qatar.

College and University Events and Talks

We offer receptions, artist talks, and discussions throughout the year tailored especially for university students. Some of these events are developed and hosted by the Mathaf Voices interns, connecting the university community to the museum.